I have been  an Acupuncturist  for over 15 years now and  find that  each  day  brings new wonder  in how Acupuncture  helps to promote health and a feeling of well being.  


This medical system,  which is has been in existence for well over 2000 years, both  helps maintain good health and makes better many  health  problems that  have  not responded  well to what is  referred to as Western  Medicine.

The only side effects reported are feelings of well being or  just a feeling of being  very very  relaxed after treatment.  


The key to Acupuncture is Chi, which is often referred to as energy, sometimes even as life force.  

Whatever name you use when balanced Chi indicate good health and vitality.


The  Chi flows through pathways, meridians.  With the use of  needles or moxa (heat)  we improve the flow, balance, quality, and volume of Chi. Health then improves as the healing cycle restarts.  The potential of the patient  can be restored.  

Acupuncture is a complementary system of medicine and not an  alternative system.  I have found that Doctors are in the main supportive of Acupuncture and the  British Acupuncture Council is supportive of Western Medicine.



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